I design software and help build healthy, collaborative product teams.

Currently, I lead product and design for Screendoor at The Department of Better Technology. I ship features, help define Screendoor’s vision and strategy, and work to strengthen our culture.

Previously, I worked at a design-driven healthcare IT company called Alere ACS. I helped evangelize design systems and rapid prototyping among my fellow designers. I also wrote the CSS for our Web apps, and worked to break down silos between teams.

Before Alere, I got my start as the first designer at codeREADr. I refocused our iPhone app around a more user-centric design, and learned to contribute wherever I was most needed, even if it fell outside my qualifications. For example, I improved the company’s release engineering strategy to increase system uptime.

In 2014, I moved from Somerville, MA to Oakland, CA for its climate and walkability. In retrospect, it seems like a good decision.

I like watching and occasionally making films, biking ten miles to a cafe, absorbing culture in every medium, and setting time aside for reflection and synthesis.

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