I helped bring the workflow for the U.K. government’s NHS Health Check to all of Alere ACS’s products: their electronic health record (EHR) for iPad and modern desktop browsers, and their responsive web patient portal. Most significantly, I created a reusable cross-platform design system for form components that the team could utilize in future projects.

As the sole designer on the project, I led interaction and visual design of the form components, designed the workflow within each product for Health Check visits, created prototypes in HTML / CSS, and facilitated regular design critiques among my colleagues.

In an organization with strict silos between design and engineering, I proactively presented my work for critique at interdisciplinary design sessions each week. This gave everyone a shared understanding of the project scope, and let us iterate quickly.

Sample input types from the form design system on the iPad.

Sample input types from the form design system on the mobile Web.

Visualization of NHS Health Check results for healthcare providers.

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