Working from a rough script, a half-finished storyboard and a folder of raw location footage, I produced a finished animation in just four days. The video embodies Kiva’s vibrant, humanistic, and joyful brand values, while maintaining their narrative- and typography-driven design approach.

Given the tight timeline, communication was key. After animating a few test shots to foster a shared understanding of the visual approach, I’d send over new shots and draft storyboards of the remaining script each day.

Visual concepts for representing donations.


After launching the app, Kiva asked me to create 24 variations of the video with different runtimes, aspect ratios, and calls to action. Here’s a 10-second highlight reel of those alternates.

A few months later, Sofia Vergara partnered with Kiva to draw awareness to their COVID-19 efforts. I adapted my work into an Instagram post.